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Ladies Lift 2 – Small Group Training Program

Ladies Lift 2 is an 8 week program that was designed to show women that they are stronger than they think! Not just in the weight room but in life in general! A small group of 4 to 6 women, will be in the weight room at HealthPlex Fitness and guided by a Certified Personal Trainer who is experienced in weight training for women. This isn’t your 3 lb weights kind of class. You will lift heavier than you ever thought possible and realize that it doesn’t “bulk” you up. You will build long-lean muscle. It is a group of women striving for the same goals of having a healthy and happy life! Any women, no matter your fitness level, can be a part of LL2. Come experience the wonderful world of weight training! Just be careful… When you start, it becomes super addictive!


LL2 is 8 weeks long and consists of One Hour Sessions, Two times per week

Includes: Nutritional Guidance and Physical Assessments!

Cost: $240 for entire 8 weeks

*Next Session of LL2 Begins October 16, 2017*

*Registration is now OPEN*

Group Options:

Tuesday/Thursday 5:00amFULL

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am – *New Time*

Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm

Tuesday/Thursday 4:30pm

Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm

Wednesday/Friday 5:00am

 Click the link below to sign up.  If you are not prompted to select your desired day/time, please email info@mikewalkerfitness.com with your choice.  Thank you!


Or you can contact us to register:

info@mikwalkerfitness.com  –  850-248-3488