R.I.P.P.E.D (Resistance, Intensity, Power, Plyos, Endurance, Dedication) Boot Camp

This class will have everything that the name states and we will also be using the TRX suspension trainer a lot in these classes. If you haven’t used one yet, get ready for a great workout!! This is mainly a circuit training class, where we use timed intervals so everyone has an opportunity to work at their level, beginner thru advanced. We use every piece of equipment you can think of including” kettlebells, slam balls, dumbbells, bar bells, wall balls, tires, kickboxing bags and gloves and so much more!!! There is a new workout every time and you will learn so many new ways to burn calories and have fun!!


$160 for the entire 8-week program


Next 8-week 4:30pm session will begin February 1st 2018 

Next 8-week 5:30pm session will begin March 20th 2018 

Group Options:

Tuesday/Thursday 4:30 pm (1 slot)

Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm * FULL*

*Please email or call 850-248-3488 for schedule information*

 Or contact us to register:  –  850-248-3488